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Another NADNISHIKIDO?!! NadNishikido!!!???????????


I begin to like turqoise now…Its kinda hard to find turqoise bag..n shoe…

but this…I mean d pict is my turqoise bangle…it is made from sea shells..n there r couple of stones ..I think Im not so sure but it shape looks like earth..it sooo beautiful n it was a besday present given by a lil cousin sister of mine…

frankly, I havent wear it even once..cuz I jus dont know wif wat I shud wear it but now I had figure it out…^^

enuf wif d turqoise….phewwwww….

What d hell is dis doing here??!!

Well obviously it is my name..NADNISHIKIDO..wif cutie lavly loves..^^

Dis is where I stick all d sticky notes…well actually there isnt 1 note >_< hwhahahah since it is holiday so it is totally empty….hehehehehe

About NADNISHIKIDO…I found another Nad Nishikido..yeah thats d way she wrote NadNishikido, !!!

It happened on 1 day which I have nothin to do ..well basically I hav nothing to do for d whole sem break..>_<

den I ask our uncle , Mr.Google…n I google nadnishikido n tadaaaaaaaaaa… I found NadNishikido at Utube..

n I was like Huh??? since when I hav a Utube account???!!!!!!! n I click on it n jajjaangg… wat a suprise dat NadNishikido is not me….hwhahahah ofcoz la kan ..I dont even hav an account on Utube…

D minute I saw her profile I was like ..ahhhhhhhh I doomed!!! T__T

All d 4W1H quests were playing in my head…………@_@

On my head dat tyme…shud I change my name…well dis is not my real birth name but I ve been using dis nickname/ tenet nickname from 2006!!! when I was 16…so its kinda hard to let it go..I really lav dis name…

People might laugh if they heard dis but seriously I hav my own goal wif dis name…seriously…

Duhhhh….but now I m ok…let it be…cuz d most nadnishikido I found on Mr.Google pg r all ME..^^

wat a relief…^^phewwwwww but sorry d other NadNishikido…I dont hav d intention 2 steal ur name or wat but seriously I was freaking shocked bout this..

from, d other Nadnishikido ^^