well I’ve watched on d premier..on 25 nov 2010 here in msia…

in 3D..and it was freaking awesome…d colours..d characters..well d most of all d songs…!!! Me n my sis really enjoyed watching dis movie..as exciting as its trailer…so much fun.. d Rapunzel super freaking cute..Rapunzel’s character was like d korean /japan teen gurls i mean d attitude d character…she’s acting quite cute in dis movie..very diffrnt from d other disney princess..

..now I’m waiting when Im gonna watch HP erghh …it happened 2 b I went 2 d cinema 2 watch HP d day b4 Rapunzel premiere..but den it was quite late…den my sis said we gonna c HP tomorrow no matter wat it is.. but still we didnt watch it cuz we end up watch Rapunzel…oh common who dont wan 2 watch d premiere…ryte…

but I m glad wif ma choice….^^


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im a gurl..i hav live in dis world for 20 yrs.. here r some of my bittersweets of life...im not talkin bout d flower though! >_ View all posts by nadnishikido

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