i think ive lost my self..

hav u ever felt dis kind of feeling…it s really weird though….sumtimes i feel like dis den i would feel like that.. in sum ways i wanna b like this but den i wanna b like dat..its hard 2 explain…. n yeah LIFE IS COMPLICATED!! indeed it is…if our life is not complicated den it wont b interesting n challenging ryte?? (do I care if  my statement is wrong.huh? >_<)

back 2 d story mory…

when im trying 2 b like sumthing i wanna b it den bcome complicated ….den it endup wif nothin..

basically i did nothing…d main point of dis post is LIFE IS COMPLICATED!

wat i realized is dat i easily get distracted n freakin easily get depressed!

how did i know it?? well my personality change a bit i guess not d whole thing but slightly a bit..tiny weenie.. i found dat ive gone tru all d symptoms of depression……may b it is bcoz of d stressful tyme which is  d final exam , but now d exam had alrdy ended n yet im still in d same condition…. ive told of my fwens bout dis but i think if i keep telling them d same thing they will get bored..but i know they wont cuz d besties r real true BFF!!

so 2 get over dis depression thingy..lets hangout wif sister




About nadnishikido

im a gurl..i hav live in dis world for 20 yrs.. here r some of my bittersweets of life...im not talkin bout d flower though! >_ View all posts by nadnishikido

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