emm my birthday…>_<

my frends…actually want 2 surprise me on my birthday…

so d nite b4 they just ignore my birthday as if they 4get bout it..

im very happy dat i got a bulk of msg..wishing me happy  esday..may u hav a great blassing birthday..life n etc..

d thing is they made it look too obvious..like they r hiding sumthing..hehehehe

but as a frend tto my frends ..i jus let it be..

then one of my frend amy said..

amy:”nad..esok kiter g JJ ae sbb kakak qila suruh mntak tlg qila beli brg..”

(tomorrow lets go to JJ cuz qila’s sis ask her 2 buy sumthin’)

me:”brg..em ok jew”(although i already knew bout it i jus reply emm ok..)

then d next morning…we went 2 our class..after dat to JJ  …

then d two of them (qila n amy)..

quickly walked towards d main entrace…

i saw them but i jus ignored it..i dont wan to make my frends plan unsuccessful..

then niey n echah ask me 2 follow them to shops 4 tops…

after a while..echah said “come lets go to d food court..”

actually at dat tyme i hav already told echah i was really hungry..

so i wan to go 2 d food court quickly but she said wait for niey ..

then when we arrived at d food court…i saw qila n amy smiling while hiding d cake…^^

then they shout happy birthday..>_<

im very happy …n d cake was really yummy..

thanx my frend


About nadnishikido

im a gurl..i hav live in dis world for 20 yrs.. here r some of my bittersweets of life...im not talkin bout d flower though! >_ View all posts by nadnishikido

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