….a scary night….

….konichiwa..anhnyeo…hi my paradise…

its been years i didnt even post anythin..bcuz im very damn lazy bum bum..>_<

d title “scary nite”??? emm there’s  a story about it..

there was 1 nyte me n my siblings were d only 1 at home …

it was really bright dat nyte..bcuz d moon  was full..FULL  MOON..

well u know wat dats mean….if  d full moon thing..there will b d thing…

after we gone 2 bed….my 2nd sis (my younger sis..cuz im d 1st child)..

suddenly switch on d lite…she said to me that she heard sumthing at d window…

d “thing” been scratching our window…like knocking n sort of like dat.. T.T

(we live in a double story house….n our room is upstairs….)

then she pull d curtain to c wats d “thing” was….

n wat made me really shock is..( is it was or is..?? erkk nvrmind tenses r my bad stuffs)

it was a kitten…well it is not tiny but it looks like it’s going to b d adult cat …

at dat tyme  seriously my breath kinda stop for a second…perghh

n dat nyte i hav a hard tyme to sleep bcoz of dat cat i kept thinkin how did it

reached at our window….



About nadnishikido

im a gurl..i hav live in dis world for 20 yrs.. here r some of my bittersweets of life...im not talkin bout d flower though! >_ View all posts by nadnishikido

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