MOsh!Mosh! (^^)

mosh!mosh! konichiwa (^^) nadnishikido desu !

im nadnishikido @ nad…..

i really new in dis kind of stuff…its been couple of months (i guess)(>_<)  i made dis blog but didnt ever use it….shiranai dakara(dont know how 2 use it..thats why)….

ima jyu-kyu sai desu….im  19 yrs old now…..

continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…T_T nemurichatta..(sleepy already)


About nadnishikido

im a gurl..i hav live in dis world for 20 yrs.. here r some of my bittersweets of not talkin bout d flower though! >_ View all posts by nadnishikido

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