GIRL GENERATIONS …so cool lav them (^^)



this is one of my favourite girl idol group….SNDN@GIRL GENERATIONS..

tELL ME UR wIsHEs(GEENIE)….and GEE…r my most fav songs by dis group…

they r super cute..talented..and d most of all they hav great personality..

they r tall n body that every gurl would dreAM 4…

SNDN…my fav memeber will be sooyoong the tallest(175cm) among d rest..

^^….i really wanna b like her … im hoping dat i could grow a bit taller around 6cm more to reach 170cm…

(but…even now when im standing among my frends…i felt like im a big giant..”BIG FOOT” mittai..@_@

but still please..GOD …grant my wish ^^ ~amin~)

dis is my fav soo young…same age wif me jus 19..but in Korea..we will b 20 ..

soo yoong

but now i started to like yoona more…i dunno why..but she seems to b so ‘stylo’..classy..

but still she dont ever giv up to b d cute Yoona like b4…urayamashi …(im jealous…)


wat does dis GIRL GENERATIONS hav 2 wif me..emm

they r my idol huhuhhuh (^^)..

ive 9 housemates..since i staying in hostel…. movies@dramas…chats all day…(even we meet every single day)

eat 2gether…sing…dance…we celebrate¬† birthday 4 each of us …

ofcoz wif cake..surprisers…..and NEWS-happy birthday song !!!

they r so cool….jus like SNDN….

(>3<) LAV THEM….n all 2gether we r nine ppl ^^

wat a coincidence(i think i might spell dis word wrong..but as long as i can pronounce it…is ok..deshou!!)



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im a gurl..i hav live in dis world for 20 yrs.. here r some of my bittersweets of not talkin bout d flower though! >_ View all posts by nadnishikido

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